Monday, April 18, 2016

An Important Topic in Gaming: Crunch

Before you ask, yes I did read the article in full. It disgusts me beyond belief. The idea that a developer should actually be happy with crunch time, a period in game development where your stress levels are pushed to their limit, is ridiculous. I personally work well under pressure and even I hate it when my stress levels get too far. It cuts down on my productivity and the quality of my work, but that's with a normal sleeping schedule which apparently our dear Alex St. John thinks developers don't need.

When did making video games become the equivalent of crystal meth?

This topic should be of great importance to you if you're reading this article on this blog. This is a topic that will decide for the rest of your life whether you get good games that come out at a reasonable time or crappy games that come out quickly with the sole intention of milking you for all your worth. If you want the former then you'll support the rights of creatives like developers. If you want the latter then you'll support Alex St. John's hypocritical complaints.