Monday, October 26, 2015

Overlord and the Raising Hell Expansion

Developer: Triumph Studios
Release Date: June 26, 2007
Genre: Action, RPG, RTS

One Sentence Review:
A hidden gem of 2007 with plenty of issues and bugs but still fun despite them.

Usually I'd expect such a game to be wobbling around with all the balls its trying to keep in the air but, well let's just say I'm surprised here.

Gameplay is a little more complex than a lot of games in recent memory, you control the Overlord but you also control an array of different colored minions with their own quirks and abilities. Brown minions are your physical militia and can take the most damage. Red minions are your fire-based archers and can walk through lava unscathed. Green minions are your assassins and can inflict massive damage by attacking from behind. Blue minions are your magical healers and are the only minion type that can revive others and harm magical beings. Most of the games puzzles consist of the proper use of these minions to traverse difficult terrain and open up doors and pathways.

The RPG elements take effect with the Overlord's abilities to trade life force collected and gold for improved weapons and armor. Some of your modifications can boost your horde size which allows you to control more minions, but most upgrades improve your own combat effectiveness. There are also RPG elements for minions where they will pick up dropped weapons and armor from your slain enemies and use them to increase their own defense or offense. It does make for some interesting points but the game suffers a little bit of a slip up in the RPG department. You see a good RPG game will have multiple upgrade paths which are equally viable and allow you to play the game in different ways, but in this game no matter what upgrades you pick you will always outclass your minions in damage and overall power. In other words you can never play as a summoner no matter how hard you try! It's pretty difficult to play as anything but a melee-focused tank in all honesty.

As far as the comedy goes... well it made me laugh. The comedy is a little corny and overall it's not the best, but it's saving grace is that it's very well timed and the moments which are supposed to be funny come and go very quickly. It basically slaps you with a somewhat funny joke and doesn't give you time to think too hard about it and realize that it wasn't all that funny until you've already gotten all the enjoyment out of it. At that point you just have to throw your hands up and say "clever girl". So humor may not be the best but it's well timed and that can make even mildly funny jokes hilarious.

Now the game is listed for about $5 USD on Steam and my gamer price tag is about equal to that. I'd actually be happy to fork over 7, 8, or maybe even $10 for the game if it had a graphical upgrade and some of the bugs were patched, but for its 2007 classical glory it's definitely well priced at $5. Some people will instantly fall in love with this game while others will just get bored with it. It's an unfortunate truth and the only real way to find out is to play it for yourself and decide for yourself.

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