Monday, March 23, 2015

Just Cause 2

Developer: Avalanche Studios
Release Date: March 23, 2010
Genre: Action, Adventure

One Sentence Review:
You get through the game by blowing stuff up which helps you acquire new and inventive ways to blow stuff up so you can keep blowing stuff up, and also it's fun.

With one of the largest sandboxes in the history of video games and the central concept of just having some goddamn fun, this game is a solid contender as one of the best sandbox games ever. It was appealing to not have to sit down and be told by the game my motivation for blowing things up like in certain games I could mention *cough GTA cough*.

So anyway, you play as CIA operative and gravity-defying god, Rico Rodriguez. You're sent to an imaginary island nation in Southeast Asia to cause chaos so that you can fuel some half-baked plot dealing with a bunch of different super powers, terrorists, and blah blah blah. Look, the plot is completely pointless okay? One of the supposedly Asian gang-bosses, which you work for, is voiced by some British actress. I kid you not, they got some C-list voice actress from Britain to do the lines for a supposedly Asian woman. This is a sure sign that the developers just made the plotline to give you something to do when you get a bit bored of murderous rampages.

The gameplay ties this whole adventure together. When you start the game off you get an awesome grappling hook and parachute which give you amazing maneuverability. What's even more fun is the fact that you can use the grappling hook on a car and the parachute at the same time to glide around the world. What's even more fun than that is the fact that you can attach two things together using your magic, indestructible grappling hook and watch the fun commence. If you don't see the entertainment value of attaching a civilian to an airplane and saluting as it takes off then you may want to consider therapy.

Now obviously the game isn't without its problems. In a sandbox this massive they have to cut corners somewhere and it's quite visible where they chose seeing how a lot of the cities and scenery will start to look familiar after a while. Furthermore the black market dealer, which is your main source of weapons and vehicles, has an overly long animation that he plays with every single purchase and you can't buy multiple things at once for some reason. The stronghold, or territory, missions are repetitive and annoying when compared to the variety and awesomeness of the side missions. It's a simple procedure of walk in, blow things up, blow up a helicopter, and you're done.

There's a multiplayer mode you can try out as well, but personally I found it lacking. In multiplayer it's just you, your friends, and no NPCs at all. So multiplayer gets boring unless you join a populated server or join with several friends at once. They're still updating it though, so maybe it'll get better and they'll add in NPC support of some kind. At least I hope so because there's a lot of potential here!

Overall the game is awesome and it's easily worth 20+ hours of gameplay if you do a little exploration and side missions (which you have to or else). On Steam it's listed for $15 USD and if you buy the bundle with Just Cause 1 (plus JC2 DLC) it's a mere $5 more. Buy it, play it, and unleash your inner psychopath. Don't expect to be babied by this game like you were in Call of Duty though! Health does not completely regenerate.

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